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    Chemistry products and services for drug discovery

Avistron - About Us

Avistron offers a range of drug discovery services, our team have many years experience of drug discovery, gained at Ciba, Novartis, Napp, Parke Davis Neuroscience, Tripos & have worked with the world’s largest pharmaceutical & Biotech companies

We understand the pressures and challenges of drug discovery because our scientists have many years of broad experience in the field working successfully with the world's largest pharmaceutical companies on medicinal chemistry projects. This means that we are able to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that will have direct impact on your therapeutic programmes.

We have proven expertise in key areas, including:

• Synthetic organic chemistry
• Custom synthesis
• Medicinal chemistry
• Project management
• Key intermediate/scaffold design & synthesis
• Molecular modelling & design
• Hit finding
• Hit-to-lead
• Lead optimisation
• IP Management
• Screening
• Confidential & secure service

Our management team has many years of experience gained both within the pharmaceutical industry (Ciba, Novartis, Park Davis Neuroscience, Napp) and within the service sector (Tripos Discovery Research, Exelgen, Amersham Biosciences) and so we fully understand both sides of the business and our client’s needs and expectations.

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